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Aircraft Icing Courses
Welcome! This web site contains free icing training courses and resources for pilots who want to learn more about aircraft icing and what they can do about it. To find out more, please select one of the available courses listed below.

A Pilot's Guide to Ground Icing
A course primarily intended for pilots who make their own operational
de-icing and anti-icing decisions. This includes private pilots as well as those who
fly business, corporate, air taxi, or freight operations in fixed-wing aircraft.
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Link to In-Flight Icing Course A Pilot's Guide to In-Flight Icing
A course primarily intended for pilots who fly aircraft certified for flight into icing. With an operational focus, this course provides tools pilots can use to deal with in-flight icing.
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System Requirements for these courses
: Flash Player 6 or higher and a Javascript-enabled browser. Users should also disable pop-up blocking software while using the course.

Copyright and Usage Information:
While some images and video from the courses may be downloaded and used for instructional or learning purposes, they may NOT be used as a direct or implied endorsement of a commercial product or entity. For a more complete overview of our copyright and usage restrictions regarding visual media, please refer to our copyright notice.
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